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This is for Horatio Caine.

=Relationship Post=
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Ninth Case Closed

[There is a pause before he cuts in with-] My name is Lieutenant Horatio Caine. I am... a police officer for the Miami-Dade Police Department. If any- [...] If anyone needs help in the next few days... then please call me, and I'll help you resolve the problem.

[After all, if this is an experiment there might be some domestic disputes tomorrow. It seems like as any After all, violence and love seem to go hand in hand sometimes. Thus, after that he pauses and chuckles a little. Before-]

After all, March is said... to come in like a lion.

Eighth Case Closed

The last week was... interesting, to say the least. [He can't help but sounds oddly amused about that. He was laying low personally, but watching other people trying new things was refreshing? No, actually it was just funny, but damned if he's going to actually say that]

If anyone was injured of the course of the last week, please tell me or inform Dr. McCoy... as for everyone else- I hope you gained something from the week. After all... it's not every day that you suddenly want to try something new. [A pause... well that's nto totally true. It is for some people, but he neglects that in favor of a chuckle-] So I'm curious-
what did people end up trying last week? Personally- [...] Personally, I wasn't affected.

[A pause and then a chuckle as there's the sound of him getting to his feet]

I guess you can't teach an old dog... new tricks.

Seventh Case Closed
[Voiced // Private to Horatio // 98% Unhackable // Backdated to January 12th]

[It's muffled and a little distant-ish, but the vast majority of this conversation is recorded here, cutting off at one of the awkward silences later in the thing. Curiously, the journal will show it as having been Emil's journal which filtered it to H. Noting for the sake of future reference]

[Voiced // Filtered to Dr. McCoy // 95% Unhackable // Present day (15th)]

Dr. McCoy... can I speak with you?

[Voiced // Filtered to James // 95% Unhackable // Present day (15th)]

Mr. Lancing... I need a favor from you.

[Action // Present day (15th)]

[H has been busy lately. He is regularly going between House 20 and House 21, investigating the crime scene, questioning people and sometimes going out to the stops to get more items (often chemicals in the form of various cleaners) to use as makeshift forensic equipment. He's also been considering all the possibilities carefully.

Earlier today he made another choice. Some of you might see him moving a box of things (he's only making two trips, so two boxes at different times) between Community Building 2 and Hosue 20. Feel free to run into him then if you wish.

Right now, however, he's in Emil's house preparing to question Fina and Minato... at different times. He would also like to talk to Rena, but hes not sure how to handle that yet]

Sixth Case Closed

[Because Caine didn't remain at his apartment most of Christmas Day itself, it's not until today that H realized that he received a gift from Santa. In way, he's extremely alarmed that someone was able to break into his apartment to deliver it so easily... but at the same time. The choice of gift was so ironic that he also can't help but wonder if it might not be a "real" Santa.

He chuckles - which is picked up his his journal on the table quite on accident, for now.]
Horatio Alger... huh? That's cute.

[Given what he's seen here, it's not impossible. Or it could be the Malnosso... or that John character. In any case, it deserves investigating so he picks up his journal and - oh wait the force is already on. He frowns but then he says into it-] Did anyone else receive a gift from Santa Claus yesterday?

Fifth Case Closed

Has everyone who went through the "portal" [...That word is still so funny on his tongue] returned home? For those of you who have and are willing to speak, I have a few simple questions for you.

[...A pause, and then lighter and less business-like he continues. He seems almost awkward to ask this but-] Additionally... Have any of you found yourselves praying in light of the current circumstances? [...That's a good way to word it. Yeah, that's a good way He chuckles here before he finishes with-]

Well this week at certainly been... a real trip.

[Filtered to Emil // 60% Unhackable]

Emil... would you like to get lunch with me?

Fourth Case Closed

If I may have the attention of whoever wishes to comply with this, I have a survey of sorts that I would like you to fill out. This will be as non-invasive as possible, and feel free to skip any sections which you are unable or unwilling to answer.

Admittedly, I will only know your country of origin if you are from Earth. What's more, the year I will only know if you are from Earth as well. And for profession, it applies to before Luceti- though you are free to include what you will about here too.

Thank you for your time.

Third Case Closed
[Two-Part Action]

[You will find Horatio Caine on this day doing one of two things. Not that this is unusual, per se - he's a busy guy - but these are two good times to interact with the man. Totally. Anyway.

The first is him in the barracks. He's got in some earplugs and on some earmuffs and hoping it's sufficient because he's locked himself in one of the side rooms to set up a test-firing range for his gun. On the door to the room he's added a sound: "CAUTION: FIRING IN PROGRESS" but the loud echoing bangs might be sufficient for you to get that message. He's firing at a human outline target he's made himself and seeming to hit at about where the heart would be almost every damn time. The bullets are landing in a bean-bag thing he's got set up behind the target. He makes a mental note to try to make make-shift ballistics gel later.

The second place you might run into him is similarly out of the way. Namely, he is hanging out in the kitchen on the first floor of community building #2. It is here, wearing some nice gloves and using careful methods, he is dismantling and cleaning his firearm. Good times]

Two Cases Closed

Hello everyone. My name... is Lieutenant Horatio Caine. Back home, I am the head of the day shift of the Miami-Dade Police Department crime lab; a CSI.

[A pause there before-] I have taken the time to read both the guide which Ms. Sage has provided us... and looked through much of the information provided for us in the Welcome Center. My grasp of the situation has formulated into a realization of a fact that... personally find alarming.

Namely, the only source of protection which we have here are the [And here he flips back to the guide in his own journal to ensure he pronounces them right:] Blue Rogues - a pirate organization - and Brave [This one he sounds out, trying to say it right:] Vesperia, a vigilante guild. That being the case...

I would ask how many of you would have an interest in the formulation of a police organization for this village. Similarly, I ask any of you with experience in that field or the law field to step forward.

Thank you for your time.

[Filtered to Emil // Voiced // 25% Unhackable]

Emil. How are you?


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